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We want to help your worthy blockchain project! Whether you are pre or post ICO or anywhere in between, apply for funding in cryptocurrency now. If you have a great concept that deserves the proper levels of funding to catapult your blockchain project, then applying for funding has never been easier!

Funding Needs

What Does Your Project Need Funding For?

In the current state of the cryptocurrency ICO market, services are becoming more and more expensive, pricing startup ICO's and blockchain companies out of the running - Solve your problems now with Cryptfunder ICOStarter! What does your project need funding for?

  • Compliance and regulations
  • Legal structure and setup
  • Product or software R&D
  • Server clustering and load balancing
  • Blockchain functionality & coding
  • Full stack developer and implementation
  • KYC and AML implementation
  • ICO launch and hype
  • White paper writing/editing
  • Marketing and PR services
  • Social media managment & marketing
  • Exchange listing and market making
  • Website design frontend and backend
  • Advertising spots and events
  • Bug bounty and security checks
  • UX/UI design and development
  • Legal, attorney and other fees
  • Physical office or staffing needs

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